1. The Days You Didn’t Notice – revised track list

    January 15, 2010, posted by Kai

    As previously mentioned, the track ‘no way nowhere’ has been put aside to wait for a rewrite and been replaced with a brand new track ‘anything but hopeless’. After a bit of thinking and discussing we decided on the following order of the tracks:

    The Days You Didn’t Notice

    1. theme from the city
    2. fell asleep on my lap (eternally)
    3. down – part I
    4. down – part II
    5. anything but hopeless
    6. unnoticed beginnings
    7. …leaves

    anything but hopeless

    It could perhaps be called a spiritual successor to ‘closer to being here’ expect that everything has now been taken up to the maximum. Clocking at nearly ten minutes, featuring our signature screaming and over-distorted guitars contrasted with crystal clear piano melodies and unraveling in four distinct sections it could very well claim the podium for the album’s most majestic track. Big words I know, but I’m just so damn excited about this track and how well it came together.

    We’ll see after the release if it’s really as great track as we think it is or if it just collapses under it’s own excess. But then again, if you start second guessing everything you do, you probably don’t get much done.

    That’s about it for now, see you soon!



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  2. 2009 in a package (and a peek to 2010): Kai’s take

    January 10, 2010, posted by Kai

    It feels silly to be writing an end of the year post in January of the new year, especially since we didn’t release anything remarkable last year. But as there has been lots of stuff going that hasn’t been visible outside I think that it would be nice to share some of last year’s developments.

    So here it is, Rendezvous Park’s year 2009 from my perspective.

    Personal growth

    This year I have continued my ongoing transition from “decent bassist, poor guitarist” to “decent bassist AND decent guitarist”. Most of you probably don’t know this but the only reason I’m playing the guitar parts on our songs is because we didn’t have anyone else to do it when we started recording as Rendezvous Park :) And now it seems that we don’t need a replacement as I feel much more confident in my playing than I did a year go.

    Since summer I have started to explore the visual presentation of Rendezvous Park. After some misses (that thankfully we didn’t publish), I have started to find a style for us that is both natural and honest. It’s an ongoing journey for me but I’m really confident that I’m going to the right direction.

    Best of 2009 (us)

    live @ mantsi

    This was a video that we had been planning to make for some time.  And last summer we finally made it (and had luck with the weather as on the next day it was raining). The video has earned sort-of-legendary-but-not-quite reputation amongst our friends.

    Check it at Vimeo.com

    ‘The Days You Didn’t Notice’ – teaser trailer

    Made me realize how well our music (even when stripped down and cut to pieces) fits the epically melancholic landscapes of Lapland.

    Check it at Vimeo.com

    Improvements in songwriting

    This year we stopped worrying and learned to let go. Our songwriting has now become more like “hey! here’s an idea, lets see where it takes us!” rather than “here’s an idea. I have no clue what to do with so let’s just wait until we know what to do with it…”. It has taken our new material to places we could have never expected.

    Best things happened / I found in 2009

    A short list of things that I liked this year (obviously there’s much more but no one would want to read a list that long).

    Erased Tapes Records

    I found this label by accident (like most of the things in internet are found). One of their artists, Codes In The Clouds , was listed in the “Similar artists” list on Rendezvous Park’s Last.fm-page. I wanted to know if there was some new music to be found, so I started following links and eventually ended up on buying their album “Paper Canyon” from Erased Tapes online store.

    And that’s the story of how I found this magnificent label. They have branded themselves as a “cinematic music label” which feels quite fitting when you start to go through the catalog of releases. Do yourself a favor and introduce this label’s output to yourself. You will feel the reward in your mind and your heart.

    Yann Tiersen at the flow festival

    This was the first concert that made me realize what feelings good music can cause. After the gig I felt literally drugged, flying, intoxicated and all this without consuming any other mind altering substances other than the music that streamed from the stage to my ears.

    My little brother’s comment about the concert was: “I’m so happy right now that if someone told me now that I would die today, I wouldn’t even feel bad”.

    Check out for yourself (Vancouver 2009 in youtube)

    British Sea Power

    This one belongs to the category of “Kai walks to a music store and buys an album based on the name of the artist and the cover”.

    Check them here (myspace). “No lucifer” is a favorite of mine from the tracks they have there.

    If you have Spotify, try this track: British Sea Power – All In It. I have spot in my heart that is reserved for short songs that make you listen to them again and again and again.


    A French duo that I had the opportunity to see at an acoustic club in Helsinki. They’re both funny and charismatic and the stuff they do on the stage is just amazing (hint: the singer utilizes the best use of a loop-station that I have seen).

    Ottilie’s myspace.

    What’s in store for 2010


    I don’t even know how many times we’ve broken the deadlines we’ve set for the release but here’s another one anyway: it’ll be released when it’s ready, hopefully during the first half of 2010.

    Proper music videos

    I have a couple of ideas boiling that we’ll try to produce this year. One is quite simple but cinematic idea (but not as simple as our previous performance-driven videos) while the other one will require many weeks preparation and development. Expect pictorials and videos to start leaking when we roll one of these videos to production.

    Well, that’s about it. Let’s make 2010 the year Rendezvous Park came out of the home studio with flags flying high!



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