1. The Days You Didn’t Notice available in three editions

    December 9, 2010, posted by Mikael

    Rendezvous Park’s album “The Days You Didn’t Notice” is now available in three editions.

    Pick your edition from http://share.brokenleaves.com/tdydn/

    The editions are:

    • - Deluxe edition (limited to 100 copies)
    • - Standard digisleeve edition
    • - Free digital download edition

    In addition to the standard edition album, the deluxe edition contains a remastered and extended version of EP “Closer to being here”, and limited edition art print. The deluxe edition will be released late 2011.

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  2. The Days You Didn’t Notice

    October 16, 2010, posted by Kai

    After a very, very, very long wait our debut album is finally available for purchase. You can buy the album in cd-digisleeve edition (printed on recycled cardboard).

    The album can be bought from Broken Leaves Records.

    Samples from the album can be listened to at Broken Leaves Record’s SoundCloud account.

    Check out the trailer for the album below:

    Rendezvous Park: The Days You Didn’t Notice

    1. and grey was the morning…
    2. fell asleep on my lap (eternally)
    3. down – part I
    4. down – part II
    5. anything but hopeless (listen to at SoundCloud)
    6. unnoticed beginnings
    7. …leaves (listen to at SoundCloud)

    Mikael Nousiainen: piano, glockenspiel, drums programming, additional percussions

    Kai Kousa: acoustic and electric guitars, bass

    All tracks written by Nousiainen and Kousa

    Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mikael Nousiainen
    Sleeve design & photography by Kai Kousa
    Produced by Rendezvous Park

    Recorded in Espoo, Helsinki and Kesälahti during 2008 – 2010

    Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 1.0 Finland -licensed ([FI] [EN]).

    If you wish to use our music in a context that falls outside the license, you should contact us (contact(at)rendezvouspark.net) and we’ll work something out. Even if your use is according to the license we would love hear about your project and we would really appreciate a link to your work (if available) :)


    Kai & Mikael

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  3. The Days You Didn't Notice – teaser trailer

    August 30, 2009, posted by Kai

    I had to drive over thousand kilometers walk about 80 kilometers and carry 5-7 kilos of extra weight in my backpack just to make this video. I hope you enjoy it (and you better should).

    Filmed at both the Finnish and Norwegian sides of Halti and across the route from Halti to Kilpisjärvi. The song on the background is a stripped and cut version of track three on the album, ‘fell asleep on my lap(eternally)’.


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  4. JokelaRock 2009 in pictures

    August 18, 2009, posted by Kai
    Rendezvous Park performing 'ascension'

    Performing 'ascension'

    JokelaRock is a friends and relatives type of small event that Mikael’s brother has been enthusiastically arranging for a few years now. It’s primarily centered on hanging out with like minded people, drinking and jamming with instruments through the night. It has usually ended on a small free-form concert and this year was no exception. Here are some pictures from the event.



    Mikael playing keyboards on 'we share the same scars'

    Mikael playing keyboards on 'we share the same scars'

    Kai playing the solo on 'closer to being here'

    Kai playing the solo on 'closer to being here'

    Mikael performing 'down - part II'

    Mikael performing 'down - part II'

    Kai playing bowed guitar parts on 'we share the same scars'

    Kai playing bowed guitar parts on 'we share the same scars'

    The full glory of the stage

    The full glory of the stage

    Kai's gear

    Kai's gear

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  5. Rendezvous Park presents: unnoticed beginnings

    May 21, 2009, posted by Kai

    Here’s a little performance video we made last weekend. Personally, there’s lot of things I don’t like about it(playing, editing etc.) but I hope that our next audio-visual endeavor will look magnificent compared to this :)

    It’s kind of semi-improvised version of a song we’re currently writing for the EP. The final version is likely to have more instruments and completely different structure. On this video we’re still in the experimenting phase where we try to find out what we can do with the original idea and what directions it can be taken to. There are still going to be a couple of improvisational jamming sessions before we start pulling things together and making this a proper song.

    Lots of work, lots of work… gotta go, see you later!


    Production details:

    Performed by Rendezvous Park
    Audio by Mikael Nousiainen
    Video by Teemu Nousiainen and Kai Kousa(additional material and editing)

    Sound recorded with four mics (two shotgun mics as overheads for the drums, one dynamic mic for the bass drum and one condenser-mic for the guitar amp). Recorded with Garage Band(as seen on the video) and mixed in Cubase.

    Video recorded with Canon HG10 and edited in Premiere Elements 7.

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  6. Mini-EP: "closer to being here"

    December 22, 2008, posted by Kai

    Limited edition

    Greetings people!

    In the previous post we mentioned of releasing a tiny song before christmas holidays.

    Buuuut… we decided to take a little longer route and do something resembling a proper release (and something that could be given to each of our parents as a christmas presents).

    So here it is, “closer to being here”-mini-EP (actually it’s more like a single but ‘mini-EP’ sounds much more grand). “ascension” was released during the summer but we decided to package this year’s separate songs to one package (which will hopefully become a tradition).

    As usual, this one’s also Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 1.0 Finland -licensed ([FI] [EN]). If someone wants to use one of our songs for some purpose, we would be more than happy to hear about you and your project. You can send us email at <firstname> @rendezvouspark.net

    Rendezvous Park – closer to being here:

    1. soothe (0:57) [download]
      • written by Kai Kousa
    2. closer to being here (4:25) [download]
      • written by Kai Kousa and Mikael Nousiainen
    3. ascension (acoustic demo) (2:54) [download]
      • written by Mikael Nousiainen

    Performed and produced by:

    • Mikael Nousiainen: piano, drums programming, recording and mixing
    • Kai Kousa: electric & acoustic guitars and bass


    Kai & Mikael

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