1. Peek at ‘closer to being here’ reprise

    September 26, 2011, posted by Mikael
    Front cover for album 'closer to being here' reprise

    Front cover (click for a larger image)

    The release of ‘closer to being here’ reprise is getting closer. Although we cannot give an exact release date yet, we can say confidently that the release will happen late 2011 (probably in November). While the old songs have been remade completely, a significant portion of the album consists of newly written material. In spite of the numerous delays we’ve had in the writing and release process, we are extremely excited about how the album turned out –  the songs combine both grandiloquent and delicate elements producing a very pleasant listening experience!

    The reprise album will be part of the deluxe edition package of ‘The Days You Didn’t Notice’ and it will be available for purchase at brokenleaves.com shop.

    Below is the track list for the reprise album:

    1. soothe
    2. closer to being here
    3. ascension – part I
    4. ascension – part II
    5. closer to being here (2008 version)
    6. ascension (2008 acoustic demo)


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  2. The Days You Didn’t Notice available in three editions

    December 9, 2010, posted by Mikael

    Rendezvous Park’s album “The Days You Didn’t Notice” is now available in three editions.

    Pick your edition from http://share.brokenleaves.com/tdydn/

    The editions are:

    • - Deluxe edition (limited to 100 copies)
    • - Standard digisleeve edition
    • - Free digital download edition

    In addition to the standard edition album, the deluxe edition contains a remastered and extended version of EP “Closer to being here”, and limited edition art print. The deluxe edition will be released late 2011.

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  3. Mini-EP: "closer to being here"

    December 22, 2008, posted by Kai

    Limited edition

    Greetings people!

    In the previous post we mentioned of releasing a tiny song before christmas holidays.

    Buuuut… we decided to take a little longer route and do something resembling a proper release (and something that could be given to each of our parents as a christmas presents).

    So here it is, “closer to being here”-mini-EP (actually it’s more like a single but ‘mini-EP’ sounds much more grand). “ascension” was released during the summer but we decided to package this year’s separate songs to one package (which will hopefully become a tradition).

    As usual, this one’s also Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 1.0 Finland -licensed ([FI] [EN]). If someone wants to use one of our songs for some purpose, we would be more than happy to hear about you and your project. You can send us email at <firstname> @rendezvouspark.net

    Rendezvous Park – closer to being here:

    1. soothe (0:57) [download]
      • written by Kai Kousa
    2. closer to being here (4:25) [download]
      • written by Kai Kousa and Mikael Nousiainen
    3. ascension (acoustic demo) (2:54) [download]
      • written by Mikael Nousiainen

    Performed and produced by:

    • Mikael Nousiainen: piano, drums programming, recording and mixing
    • Kai Kousa: electric & acoustic guitars and bass


    Kai & Mikael

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  4. Studio diary – day 1 with a teaser

    August 11, 2008, posted by Kai

    It rains a lot this time of year…

    We are currently in studio (actually a makeshift guerrilla studio in a remote cottage, but more on that later) recording our first EP. We’ll be blogging about the process of recording a (very) low budget indie record in the next few days.

    To give the few people reading this blog a small sample that should clear the question of “what kind of music do you play” we have re-recorded an old song of ours. The song is quite short and was recorded to test our new setup. The song was originally written in spring 2005 and was actually meant to be on soundtrack of a indie movie which remains unfinished until this day.

    So here it is: Rendezvous Park – ascension. The song is CC-licensed, so spread it as far as you wish.

    K & M

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